Corey McGowan Productions is an event management and entertainment company, specializing in street festivals. We provide a full range of services including large scale event management, sponsorship packages, fundraising, event logistics, advertising campaigns, press releases, talent booking, food & beverage and promotional services.


Our company began in the summer of 2012 while leading a fundraiser to complete a mural project in Grand Island, NY.  There was a large shortage of funds needed to complete this project and in order to raise funds for the mural, Corey McGowan founded the Taste of Grand Island. The first ever Taste of Grand Island served as a fundraiser for this project and all revenue from the event went directly towards completing the artisitc historical montage of Grand Island which was unveiled during the event.


Corey McGowan Productions is constantly looking for new events that fit the values and goals of our company. Since 2012 we have orchestrated over 200 events throughout the Western New York region and have grown a portfolio of events reaching over 150,000 people a year.



I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding Concert for a Cure on Saturday night. As always, it was WONDERFUL. The staff that was on site to help was amazing — please pass along my thanks to all of them. We have had events all over the Buffalo area, and this venue and the event itself are the best of the best, hands down.

Wow! is all I can say. Everything about Taste of GI was absolutely first class. Thank you so much for making this happen for our town. The food was great, beer tent was fun and the weather was amazing. Can't wait for next year!!!!!

Through all of our events, our main goal is to provide tools to area businesses to create new revenue streams for growth and reinvestment. Our events are a great form of economic development for many communtiies. Each year, Corey McGowan Productions also selects two graduating high school students to receive a scholarship to pursue a four year business degree. The scholarship recipients are selected based on student essay submissions that show a strong community service record, passion for business and ability to best display what it means to be a community driven business mind.


Our goal is to be a strategic partner and to provide exceptional event management skills and service to ensure desired outcomes.  We believe that the relationship with our clients is strengthened as we partner and share in the process of creating the perfect event for all parties that are involved.


Corey McGowan Productions understands that the quality of an event and our standards of service is the ultimate commitment to our clients. Become a part of Corey McGowan Productions and let us bring your community event to the next level.

I went to the Gus Macker this past weekend and could not believe the action on the boulevard. I didn't think it would ever go through but I have to tell you how much I respect your ability to push through and do what you knew  was right. You are a rockstar, a true visionary and a pillar of the event community....Congratulations.

....When my family and I could attend, we were always at your free friday night concerts and saturday night movies at the town commons. I hope they both contunue to grow and with your track record I am postive that it will. Thank you for all that you do to support our community.


Has anyone ever met Negative Nancy? Well if you haven't, come to Grand Island and you're sure to find her and a handful of her relatives. Just mention Corey McGowan's name and they will come running. And in my opinion their negativity comes from two things: envy and jealousy. For years I have been watching this kid and if I had a Hollywood Rolodex or a time machine I'd call Harvey Weinstein and PT Barnum to let them know that Corey McGowan is coming for their throne. What can't this kid do? The Taste of Grand Island for the past 3 years and now the Gus Macker? Not to mention his weekly music and movie series that he puts on for FREE at the Town Commons. All the while people can still find something to complain about. Yes, a garden tour was cancelled last week. It sounds like ticket sales were the problem. Sign me up for next years tour, just please give me their gardeners phone number first. And to the after thought of rallying 50 of your friends to attend your showing, where were they when tickets were on sale? I have never met Corey McGowan but from afar he appears to be nothing but genuine and passionate about his community. Have you been to his website? Other communities seem to be welcoming and appreciative of his progress. It appears that he is doing everything that should have been done a long time ago. It's time for the people of Grand Island to start embracing what this young man is accomplishing and work towards helping, not hurting. There is no basis to fight anything that Corey McGowan is doing, has done or is trying to do. Step up Grand Island and welcome 2015 with open arms and if you can't, I'm sure Mr. McGowan has every intention of carrying you on his shoulders. And to Corey McGowan, I say this to you: keep going. Don't let negativity get in your way. People are watching and your hard work and dedication is not going unnoticed.

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